Dispensing Pharmacy

What is the role of a pharmacist in the dispensing process?

They play the important role of carrying out the use of a drug after it is dispensed. There is no doubt all drugs have different purposes.

Can pharmacy students dispense?

With the right training, pharmacy students can dispense. Of course, they would not feel as confident as they should be since they don’t have a pharmaceutical license yet. It would be a great feeling to make patients happy though.

How do you dispense a medication?

The first step is validating the drug. The second step is understanding the prescription would be pretty long. Some drugs have a long prescription and you will need to read all of that to understand what exactly it does. Besides, all drugs have side effects on your body so you will need to take note of that. The third step is preparing the medication for it to be released to the public. The final step is making sure everything is alright for the drug to be taken by patients.

What is good dispensing practice?

It refers to delivering the right drug to the patient. A pharmacist must know what exactly the patient’s disease is for her to do the right dispensing practice. Some patients may describe their sickness in the wrong manner so better watch out for that. If that happens, you may give her the wrong medication and her sickness may even get worse.

What are the steps in dispensing?

The first step is asking the patient what his or her disease is. The next step would be to know the different medications you have in store so you would know what you are going to prescribe in the dispensing pharmacy. The final step would be giving the patient the right medication. Yes, you must be confident because it is always your job on the line in this scenario.

Why proper dispensing is important?

The disease of the patient needs to be properly cured. There may be nagging pains in your body that you would want to disappear in no time. For example, you have a headache and you will want to get rid of that as soon as possible. You would want a strong drug to get rid of it so the pharmacy will serve you well in this scenario.